Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting To Know Your Blogger (Myself)

Everyone has blogs about their lives, their family, ect. You read their blogs and yet you really don't know who they are. Well, I thought before I start really blogging I would let you know some more about me. So I hope you enjoy the basic information and mybe the odd little quirks that I may have as you read on. I found the survey on a different website. I did not come up with this survey. Just answering it honestly.


Name: Jessica Brady

Birthdate: 9-18-1982

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown (but I can act blonde)

Height: 5'5

Left handed or right handed: Right handed, but I can use either hand for writing,eating,ect. I choose to use my right more often. But can use both at anytime. :)

Nicknames: Jess.Jessie.Biscuit (don't ask! LOL). Princess.


Sign: Virgo

Favorite Food: Chicken Parm or Steak with a baked potatoe YUMMY!!

Favorite Drink: Gin and coke (but being I have been sober for 3 years it has to be diet dr.pepper)

Fears: Heights, and failure


Drank: Yes, a lot I would say in the days that I was drinking. I had a very bad drinking problem. I am sober now for 3 years. Each year that goes by helps me to see that I never needed to drink in the first place, I was just insecure.

Smoke: Yes I do smoke. I am telling myself to quit. I know I just have to do it, but that is so easy to say. Now I have to place it into action.

Skinny Dipped: Yes I have. Wayyy back when, with my cousin. Her and I went to the lake and just jumped in butt naked!! I will say, it was very fun. Freeing even!! HAHA

Had Sex: I am married, which also means I don't get it as often as I would like it!! If I had my way it would be at least twice a day. (smile)

**DO I??**

Shower Daily: Of course. At times twice a day. Depending on the weather.

Sing in the shower: No, I like to shower and get out. haha

Swear: At times I do. If I am very very upset yes. Mostly no. I like to keep that under wraps.

Believe in yourself: Yes I do. I believe, I can do most things I decide to do if not all.

Want to have kids: (I plead the fifth on this question).....HAHA...Ok, Yes and No. This is a tough question for me. I do want children, but at the same time I am worried if I could have children because of my Autism I worry if I would be a good parent.

Get along with your parents: Not really. I never really did. But as I am getting older and through therapy (thanks to my therapist, he ROCKS!!) I am starting to learn to just releazie that it's never going to change.

Like thunderstorms: I love them. They are very calming for me.

Sleep with stuffed animals: Yes, I do and I'm not embrassed to say so either!! I AM A TEDDY BEAR LOVER!!! (laughing)

**CAN I??**

Roll your tongue: Yes I can

Both ways: Yes I can again..haha

Say the alphabet backwards: I can't even say it right the normal you want me to say it backwords?!?!

Do the splits: Yes. But it still hurts..OUCH!!


Be stuck in an elevator with: Hmmm...I know I am married but a girl can dream..hehe..I would not mind one bit being stuck in an elevator at all with *a certain someone*...(evil grin)

What color is your toothbrush: Blue my favorite color.


Likes: dogs, books, the fall, the spring, listening to music, deep pressure.

Dislikes: Cordory clothing, bright lights, tight fitting clothes.

Quirks: Does having Autism count?! haha....I am very organized, I wear my socks to bed all the time.

Music: Rock, Pop, Classical, Opera, Punk

What turns you on: Nice arms, good conversation, a man being more on the dominate side, (now if you really want to know more I would have to create a rated R blog haha lets just say it's 4 little letters BDSM..more on the BD side then the SM side )

Car: Hyundi

Age: 26

Bedtime: between 11 and 1 am


In a year: The job at the courts that I have been dying to get already!!

5 years: A nice little house, a good job, and my familys health to be ok.

Well, that's it! If you came this far I would like to thank you for reading my blog about me. I hope that you learned some things about myself and that mybe you can relate to some. I do hope that after reading this you can get a sense of my personality so when reading my blogs it will come to life more for you. Enjoy!!

Jessie <3


  1. wow just give out everything, next time dont forget your social and pin # , lol - Omar

  2. HAHA you would like that wouldn't you!!(wink)