Monday, June 8, 2009

Starting A Blog....

Does anybody ever remember the moment, that very second that you thought "I want to start to blog." Before starting my own blog I would think about the reasons why someone would want to start a "blog"...Could it be the need to connect with others? A place to share our moments with family,friends,even with strangers? A way to vent, a release from the everyday stress? Maybe it is our need to be heard or understood by others. So many blogs and they all share one common interest...talking (typing) to others (maybe even complete strangers) about everything from the pimple on their nose,the mind blowing sex, the horrible work week, the lost of loved ones, to the happiest times in their lives. On an average day there is 2 blogs created every second of every day...about 1.6 million postings a day!

To think that so many people, even friends of mine have said that they like to live a "private" life. That they can't understand why so many celeb's allow their life to be put out there in front of everybody. Yet, these same friends,every day people, etc own a blog and/or a public networking site. The blog allures us. It makes us think. Helps us to convey our feelings,wants,needs,or desires to others without the need for face contact. I believe that many of us have a lot to say. Maybe we are scared, maybe it is because our parents,grandparents,media,government,etc place these rules that we have to live by when it comes to talking to others. So many of us are unhappy or scared to say what we feel because of what others may think or do to us. A blog allows us to get out our feelings whether they be right or wrong, happy,sad,creepy,weird,friendly chit chat,ranting,or even borderline psycho. Having a blog is a way out of our busy minds and into a world where can express our thoughts without rules or boundaries. We can bop our heads to music as we type away allowing the thoughts to flow from our minds like a river heading downstream, a way to tap on the keyboard with glee at a happy moment in our life for all to see, or to pound on the keys as a way to "let it all out" after a bad day. It allows us to write what we want when we want to. Nobody has to like what we blog, it is our choice to display what we want. It gives the freedom of saying things nobody has said, or somethings we wish we had said to others.

So, by now I'm guessing that you are curious why I have decided to write/create a blog? The answer is pretty much simple in it's own paradox of a way. For starters it is a way for me to get my thoughts down into something systematic (unlike my brain at times), a way for me to let out the everyday life circumstances that we go through as humans. A way for me to express my most intimate thoughts,ideas,etc. A blog is very psychological in a way. A place for the subconscious mind to let loose of all of its whispers that so many of us don't know that are there.

Take my blog for what it is. Thoughts,ideas,words typed from somewhere in the mind for all to see.

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