Saturday, September 5, 2009

New movie called Adam

I went to see the new movie called Adam. It is about a young man with Asperger's who falls in love with his next door neighbor. I'm sure you can find the trailer for the movie on YouTube or through google.

The movie was very good. I would give it a 8 out of 10. I just wish the ending was different. I won't give the ending away, but I will say that it seemed to end with you wondering, or incomplete I should say. Then again it could just be my opinoin or my Autism (laughing).

For the most part Adam was an accurate description of what it is like to live with Asperger's. The reason why I would say for the "most part" is because certain area's was a little much, while some area's lacked the raw emotion of what it is like to be a person with Asperger's and stressed, depressed,angry,happy,sad etc. But all in all the moive was great! I have seen it twice so far.

Once with a couple of friends and Phil and uncle don, the second time was with my Aged In Asperger group that I am a group leader in. Everytime I see the movie it feels like the first time.

I guess the reason for the blog about the movie is that it really made me thing about myself alot. How much I can see myself in Adam. For the first time I felt as if I could identify myself with a character in a movie, and really understand what that character is going through. The first time ever I really understand a movie and what was going on. Don't get me wrong I can watch any movie and "understand" whats going "on" but I could never really understand the character themselves. Adam was different, I really could relate to him. I understand the pain, the confusion, the not being able to understand people that are arround you and really to just understand what it is like to be an "adult".

I think people who really want to understand Asperger's and how people with it view the world should watch the movie. It was a real eye opener for my husband as well. He really understands now why at times I can't explain myself the way I wish I could. I told him the reason why I enjoy the computer is because on here I can really let my thoughts flow the same way a "normal" person would be able to let their thoughts flow when they talk. With me there is alot of sensory stimulation going on around me and I then I can't talk what I am thinking, but here on the computer I can tune everything out and just let my mind flow to what I want to say. So for Phil to see the Adam movie really helped to show him that when I so call "melt down" because of something the best thing for him to do is to let me be and just let me work through it, rather then badger me to tell him what is going on.

My favorite part of the whole movie is when he is cleaning his neighbors windows hanging from the outside of the bulding after she told him she couldn't see the night sky. It sounds like something I would do because someone side they couldn't do or see something I would want to fix it because I think that is why they are telling me it. I don't think of it as they are telling me as a statement or a general conversation, to me and my brain they are telling me becasue they want me to fix it. I am very litterall at times and that can be very funny to watch. I have learned to just laugh at myself, because if I don't laugh at myself I think I would drive myself crazy!!

Well, go see the movie Adam!! If you would like here is a link to my group called Aged In Asperger Hope:

Jessie <3>

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